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Code CD-PS4-102722
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    • You can customise and upgrade every aspect of your bike. Just change its look or improve its performance with new parts. Why not do both? Now you can. Customise your rider: choose from a range of rider models, liveries and race suits.
    • The World Tour is more than a simple sequence of events. Accept the challenge and reach for the ultimate goal - take your rider all the way to the top of the international rankings with up to 16 riders in a Single Race, on one track and in one class
    • Try to beat the record on each track in Time Trial!Overtake as many rivals as you can before the time runs out in Track Day Challenge
    • Select the right setup, change gears at just the right moment, and reach the end of the straight in the lowest time possible during Drag Race
    • In Endurance two riders take turns riding the same bike along the same long route: who will be the fastest?
    • Brand new race features
    • Realistic artificial intelligence, Adjustable bike physics, Realistic animations, Slipstream, Improved damage system
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